Ambassador Applications

Brand Ambassador Partnerships

Want to join our Brand Ambassador Team? Here are some tips to help you make it happen!

We get lots of messages asking us about becoming a Brand Ambassador! We seriously love your enthusiasm! We wanted to put together a little guide to help you stand out as a candidate if you choose to apply!

Engage with us!

We love seeing familiar faces! If you engage with us regularly, we’ll recognize you when you go to apply!

Don’t worry about your follower count!

Follower count is not a deal breaker for us. If you’re delivering great content, your ‘low’ amount of followers won’t matter!

Share your love for Wild Kids now!

You’ve got to walk the walk! If you’re acting like a Brand Ambassador already, chances are your efforts will be rewarded! Join us on Facebook, too, if you haven’t already!


What is the Ambassador Partnership?

It’s a partnership for us to help engage in the community and reward those who are passionate about our brand and what we do!

How do I become an Ambassador?

Simply by submitting an application gives you a chance at becoming one of our Wild Kids Ambassadors! Scroll back up for tips on how to increase your chances of getting selected!

How often do you accept new applicants?

We usually accept new applicants twice a year to keep things fresh! Expect applications to be accepted once in the spring and once in the fall each year. Follow us on our social media pages for exact dates!

How long are applications usually open for?

We have an active push about two weeks right before we pick new Ambassadors.

What benefits do I get from being an Ambassador?

  • Discounts on Wild Kids products

  • Chances to ‘Shop the Drop’ before product drops go live

  • An opportunity for monthly prizes which can include products, gift cards and so much more

  • Opportunities to receive prototype products at a huge discount

  • Potential product testing with our parent brand to see what can work as crossover products

More details on benefits will be shared with you if you get accepted!

What are you expectations for Ambassadors?

  • Must have a public Instagram account

  • Must be active on Social Media

  • Willing to provide constructive feedback and ideas for future changes to our product

  • Provide clean, clutter free, good lighting photos for us to use on Social Media, our website, and in advertising
    ***Ambassadors are NOT required to already have our product!

More details on expectations will be shared with you if you get accepted!

For how long will I be an Ambassador?

We expect our Ambassadors to be active until the next round of Ambassadors are selected! So that’s six month of fun challenges, engaging giveaways, discounted products and so much more!