Fluff Guide

The Ultimate Guide to "Fluffing" your Dream Couch and Crash Cloud

Customers often ask if the dream couch can remain in the box for a certain period and how long it will take to fluff up and be ready to use. We have put together this ultimate guide to help with your couch, crash cloud or pillow packs to expand and fully “fluff.” Please note, unopened boxes left in a cold room like a garage may take longer to fluff.

Dream Couch

Step 1 - Unbox your dream couch or crash cloud as soon as you receive it.

*We understand that sometimes you are not able to or are waiting for a special occasion to give the gift and that is OKAY! Leaving it in the box for a while does not void your warranty but it may take a full 2-3 weeks to fully fluff up. You may have to try all the tips and tricks to get your couch or crash cloud to fully expand. *

Step 2 - Play, Play, Play!!!!!! Let those kids run wild as soon as you unbox your dream couch. The more kids play and jump on it, the faster the foam will fluff and get to a normal size.

Step 3 - Played on it for a while and it is still not fluffed up? Remove those covers and place your foam near a heating vent overnight. During the day, you can place a small space heater near the foam (please keep it at a safe distance and always be present while the space heater is running). The heat helps the foam expand and gets firmer.

Step 4 - Blow dry is not just for your gorgeous hair. Take out that hair dryer and blow dry your dream couch. Get those corners all perked up! This trick works wonderfully on the triangles too.


Step 1 - Jump, play, stomp, repeat! Remove the covers from your triangles and let your kids play rough with them. Let them make a mountain and climb all over those triangle packs and couch. Rotate them on all three sides and repeat the process.

*Please keep uncovered foam out of the reach of pets. They love to play with foam too! *

Step 2 - Leave those triangles, uncovered, over a heat vent overnight in a warm room.

Step 3 - Sometimes everything just needs a good blow dry! Use that blow dryer and work from corner to corner of each side. Watch the foam expand and come alive as you blow-dry your triangle packs. We warn you; it can be weirdly addicting to watch.

Before and After
Triangle on the left after the blower dryer hack! Triangle on the right without the blow dryer hack!

Crash Cloud

Your Crash Cloud not feeling like a cloud when you land on it? It makes sense because the foam is compressed when shipped and it may be a little hard for the little ones to land on. This is an easy fix!

Step 1 - Simon says, “Stomp and jump like no one is watching” to get all those tiny foam pieces to break up as a big clump.

Step 2 - Let that foam breathe! If you are using waterproof liners, unzip the liner and the cover overnight and let the cubes/flat pieces breathe a little.

Step 3 - Leave your crash cloud near a heat vent or space heater over night to allow the foam to expand.

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - While heat can be an effective method for maintaining superb fluffiness, leaving foam in close proximity to flammable heat sources, or using laundry dryers to treat foam, may be a fire risk. Please execute with the utmost care and caution.